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For Deans Marsh creatives

Spark brings together creative thinkers and art lovers in Deans Marsh and our region. We work together to appreciate and promote the creative process and to build an inclusive and supportive environment in which artistic expression flourishes.

Aerial view of Deans Marsh Pavilion


Our Story


In October 2019, funding was made available through Creative Victoria for the Deans Marsh community to use existing, but underutilised, sports infrastructure at the Deans Marsh Reserve to create spaces where artists and art-lovers could come together to learn, to create and to exhibit their work. The funding came as a part of a Victorian initiative – Regional Coworking Spaces and Creative Places program – to support new regional creative hubs.

Spark and the Deans Marsh community is extremely grateful for the fantastic opportunity afforded us by the funding provided by Creative Victoria’s grant. Thanks also to Tony Watts and Gen Picot in successfully applying for the grant, and for guiding Spark through its initial setup.

The Deans Marsh Community Oval is home to our community Hall, and four outbuildings – the Footy Shed, the Cricket Shed, the Spinning Wheel Shed and the Tennis Room. With Deans Marsh no longer having a Footy Team, the fabulous footy shed has been underutilised and the grant has been used for upgrading and refurbishment to make it into a wonderful makers and exhibition space.

The Spinning Wheel Shed (used to store the old spinning wheel used at festivals) has been given a facelift and now houses the electric kiln, pottery wheels and is a lovely space to make ceramics.

The grant has been used to purchase equipment for community use, including an electric kiln, two electric pottery wheels and a pug mill. Quality sewing machines and an overlocker have been purchased as well as an etching press, inks and papers. Exhibition spaces have been established with purpose-built lighting, hanging systems and plinths.

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