The Sports And Arts Precinct

In your mind, wander around our Deans Marsh Reserve.

Begin at the BMX Track tucked against the whispering Cypress trees

Look Out! Whoosh! Bike Passing! 

Now stroll into the Skate Park to watch the Ballet on Wheels.

Did you see that move! Wow!


Just across from here you’ll see the Child Care Centre, the Community Cottage Office and the Community Hall, home of Tai Chi, Table Tennis, Music@the Marsh, theatre performances, festival displays, scones with jam and cream, and our Friday night Pop-Up Café

Music, laughter, conversation, community


A few more steps and you are in our Playground (soon to be made brand new again) with its splendid local Public Art works, and to the right, the fitness area for the keen, and that inviting bald dome of the pizza oven

What a fabulous smell! I want a pizza NOW!


Just ahead, the Petanque Court for those seriously silly balmy summer evening competitions with the help of a stubby or two. Then the barbeque pavilion echoing decades of community fundraising

Two sangers, one no onions. Six burgers with the lot. Make that three sangers, two no onions – No we do NOT sell pies! NEXT! Two bacon & egg sarnis, gluten-free … and keep the noise down! I can’t hear myself cook! …


Then onto the Footy Shed changing rooms, transformed now into the Deans Marsh Footy Shed Gallery and SPARK’s HQ, and next the Cricket Club Pavilion, crammed with the ghosts of cricket heartbreak and glory, but always the beating social heart of Deans Marsh Summer weekends.


And then, an empty space. Close your eyes now and imagine. Here, thanks to unflagging community lobbying led by our Swamp Rats Cricket Club, will be the grand Festival Stand, giving us a splendid observation deck to watch sheepdogs and their handlers being trialed and tested by three grumpy sheep, and the players with cricket bats and balls being trialed and tested by one grumpy umpire.

Howzat!!? In your dreams, soldier! That, Ladies and Gentlemen, is “Over!”


Eyes still closed wander onto the oval and hear the hum and hustle of the amazing Deans Marsh Festival, and from there turn and imagine on that Festival Stand one hundred and fifty locals young and old (eyes glued on Louise’s dancing fingers) singing their OMM hearts out  … Hallelujah!


Open your eyes now. What is that broken down old tin shed standing alone and forlorn? Today it’s a storage shed but tomorrow it will be a beehive of activity, The Spinning Wheel Ceramics Workshop, a haven of clay, water and muscle for shaping earth into art.


Next, the cricket training nets, all bats and balls and bruises. Ouch!! Watch the ball, you idiot! Practice makes perfect. And one day soon these same poles and chainwire will also serve as an open-air art gallery (outside the wire!) to showcase some of the great creativity of this town.


Finally the Tennis Rooms, patiently awaiting its transformation into an out-of-tennis-season artist’s studio, a life drawing workshop ~ Pull down those blinds! ~ maybe a print workshop, perhaps a quiet place for writing; or just a peaceful refuge for dreaming.


All these places on our journey are not separate places, they are a community of places that has sustained our community life for decades. They are a community of places that by and large this community has created, through its dreaming, its fund-raising, its ingenuity, its passions, its toil. All this, collectively, is the great legacy of our Deans Marsh communities, past and present.


This is our Sports and Arts Precinct: a mundane name for the grandest of legacies.

In the months and years to come we will create brilliant ways to celebrate that legacy and to build strongly on it. There are so many and splendid ways for us to Celebrate Deans Marsh.


Already the conversations have started: A social hub? A Spring Carnival? An Arts and Sports Crazy Olympic Games? A community garden? What about reviving the Blood & Bandages?


In our Deans Marsh Sports and Arts Precinct – nothing is impossible!

Watch this space, and help make it happen!

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